About Snugglie Tabs

Snugglie Tabs By Susan-Marie Blankets are activity blankets for infants and toddlers. Each Snugglie Tab Blanket measures approximately 21 x 21 inches and has 32 coordinating exciting visual and tactile satin/grosgrain tags around the border, offering your baby or toddler hours of interactive entertainment and comfort. I have designed each blanket to be as visually stimulating as possible. I coordinated every ribbon to match each blanket in pleasing color and style. Each ribbon is tripled stitched for durability. Muslin lining is the key to making sure the fabric doesn’t shift and it retains it’s shape when washing. No special washing instructions other than no bleach. Never lose a toy or pacifier again. I make clips you can attach to your Snugglie Tab blanket that will help keep pacifiers and toys all in one place. Driving down the highways and searching the cars floor boards or seats for that amazing “Mute Button”. NO MORE Emergency pacifier runs to Walgreen’s at all hours of the day or night are NO MORE. Keep it all together by clipping one of my Pacifier Clips to your Snugglie Tab Blanket.